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In May and June 2005 Nick conducted a series of 1-day Performance Management workshops for all central and interstate staff of the Commonwealth Ombudsman. These workshops included evaluative review of the new performance management scheme, practical exercises in preparation for formal reviews, and facilitated team discussion and development of new performance agreements for the next cycle.

In June 2004 Nick conducted a series of workshops in Making the Most of Formal Feedback Meetings for all staff (including SES) of the Workplace Relations Implementation Group at the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. These workshops included practical exercises and case studies, and were designed to help both managers and staff prepare for and manage mid-cycle and end-of-cycle feedback reviews.

During November 2003 Nick and his associate, Jennifer Coggan, developed and delivered a series of half-day workshops in Exchanging Feedback and Managing Performance for staff at the Canberra and state offices of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources. They also provided 1-1 coaching for managers who requested furth er advice/assistance in relation to any of the issues addressed in the workshops. Nick conducted a series of follow-up workshops in May and June 2004, and then again in June 2005.

In August 2002 Nick conducted a 360 Feedback process (using the Executive Leadership Profile) for all team leaders and Senior Executives at National Occupational Health and Safety Commission. Feedback was collected from supervisors, peers and subordinates via the ELP, and then Nick provided individual debrief sessions (ranging from one hour to two hours in length) for all participants, including the CEO and Deputy CEO. The process was perceived to have been a very useful, constructive exercise by all participants. Nick has also conducted a series of half-day workshops in Developing Useful Agreements and Giving & Receiving Feedback for staff at all levels of the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission and the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme.

From June until July 2002 Nick was the Project Manager of a team that provided a series of training workshops in Developing Useful Agreements, Giving & Receiving Feedback and Coaching for Improved Performance for all staff at the Australian Electoral Commission. Nick also provided training for an in-house “support team” who would be available to provided ongoing advice and coaching in the various aspects of the process for new staff at the Commission. In May and June 2003 the team conducted half-day refresher workshops for all staff.

From June until August 2000, and again in 2001 Nick conducted a series of half-day workshops in Developing Personal Action Plans and Giving and Receiving Feedback for staff in central and state offices of the Department of Employment, Workplace Relations and Small Business . In October/November 2000 he conducted a series of one-day workshops in Coaching for Improved Performance for staff at DEWRSB who have supervisory responsibilities. Participant evaluations indicated very high levels of satisfaction with the presentation quality and applicability of all three workshops.

Since January 2002 (and as recently as June 2005) Nick has been conducting a half-day workshop in Managing Graduates at the beginning of every graduate placement period (three times a year) for staff at the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. He also facilitates 2-hour Graduate Pl anning sessions where each graduate negotiates a placement work agreement with their supervisor. In early 2005 he conducted a modified Managing Graduates workshop for graduate supervisors at the Office of the Employment Advocate .

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