Our Experience in this area

In 2003 and again in mid 2004 Nick conducted workshops in Developing Client Satisfaction for staff of the Refugee and Migration Review Tribunals.

From 2001 until late 2003 Nick conducted regular one-day workshops in Developing Client Satisfaction on behalf of the Australian Public Service Commission. These were in-house as well as public workshops, and a number of them were presented to Graduates.

Since early 2003 (and as recently as late 2004) Nick has conducted a number of workshops in Managing Difficult Situations for staff of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. These programs have been very well received, and they are designed to help staff in all areas of the organisation work more effectively with internal and external clients.

In mid 2003 Nick developed a tailored program in Providing Effective Customer Service for staff of the new Trade Marks Upfront Service at IP Australia. The process included the development of a facilitator's guide for use by in-house staff.

In late 2002, Nick and his associate, Barry Cameron, conducted a Review of the Department Service Charter for the Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts. The process includes focus groups discussions, interviews with the senior executives of the Department, telephone interviews with key clients and stakeholders, and the preparation of a summary report.

From January to July 2001 Nick managed a team that conducted a major client focus project for Invest Australia . The process included:

  • Meetings with managers of the organisation;
  • Development of a background paper outlining best practice principles in client service;
  • A first round of workshops with staff at the Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney offices - the aim of these being to identify critical elements of client service and develop strategies for achievement of these;
  • Development of a set of Communication with Clients principles as well as supporting materials for the new Investment Lead protocols;
  • Sample surveys of three major client groups;
  • A second round of workshops with all staff. These provided feedback on the client surveys, overview of the Lead Protocols and Communication Guidelines, and discussion of principles of client service.
In July 2002 Nick and one of his Associates conducted further client survey work for Invest Australia , and then facilitated the development of a new Service Charter for the agency.


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