Developing Satisfaction - Reviewing and Improving - Service Charters

Developing Client Satisfaction 

The aim of this one-day course is to enable staff at all levels to better understand and practice the principles of top quality client service. It is highly practical, and gives participants the opportunity to practice the skills learned.

Content will be varied according to the needs of the participants, but will include: 

  • Discussion of what constitutes good or bad client service and development of some key principles
  • An overview of the context of, rationale behind and content of relevant organisational service charter and/or service level agreement statements
  • Reviewing and improving the client services provided by one's team
  • Practical exercises in a variety of interpersonal communication and conflict resolution techniques
  • Key elements and a model of negotiation with clients
  • Application of the model to tailored case studies
  • Techniques for managing "difficult" clients
  • Development of telephone and email communication protocols

Reviewing and Improving Client Services

We are able to assist teams/organisations undertake a review of their client services. These processes might include (but are not limited to):

  • Identification and mapping of clients/providers
  • Identifying weak links in the client value chain
  • Development of client service scenarios and strategies
  • Assistance with client surveys
  • Development of an action plan for improved client services

Developing Service Charters

We are able to assist public sector organisations with the development and/or review of service charters. These processes might include (but are not limited to):

  • Identification and mapping of clients/providers
  • Key elements of public sector service charters
  • Identification of appropriate service levels standards
  • Facilitation of a consultative approach to the creation of a draft charter
  • Assistance with surveys of internal/external clients
  • Creation of a draft charter


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